Huge thank you to readers

In the past few months, between September and the end of December 2016, sales of my historical novels in the Veil and the Crown series; The Stolen Girl and The French Sultana, have more than tripled. I am incredibly grateful despite not knowing exactly why. Did readers buy them as Christmas gifts or are the five-star reviews just boosting sales? If anyone has an insight into this please share it with me. Meanwhile, a big thank you to all my loyal readers for their continued support. If you have not yet left a review on either or, please do so! And thank you all again.

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Back in the US of A!

I am back in California and putting the final touches on my new book, Notes From A Broad: My unpredictable, uncensored, unbelievable year in Italy. I warn you in advance; it is X-rated and only suitable for anyone over the age of consent (18 in the US). Watch for pre-publication snippets here soon!

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My year in Italy

Another year of absence has come to an end as I get ready to exit Italy for Spain. I have been invited to participate in a residency program for writers and artists in Can Serat at the foot of Mount Serat, where I will spend two months putting my new book together. It has been an incredible year abroad and alone.
So, this is just a brief hello to let you know I am still very much alive. I return to the US on September first and revisit Noepe Center for the Arts on the Vineyard for two weeks to put a formal end to the book and my journey. I invite you to visit my FaceBook page where you can find posts and photos.

See you in September!

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A letter to my readers

I want to apologize for my long silence. Several months ago, I began writing on my novel; a project I’d begun several years ago and put away because I was too embroiled in it to see it objectively. After a four year hiatus, I am once again, writing full time and loving it! I have about 345 pages of a good first draft that comprises about two thirds of the finished book. It is a work of historical fiction about a young woman who first captured my imagination forty years ago!

I’m not sure how long it will take to complete; probably at least a year. So, wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

I wish you only the best, Zia

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Consciously activate your DNA for youthing

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, is a cellular biologist who specializes in epigenetics:  the study of how your environment and life choices influence and change your genetic code. . He is the author of one of my favorite books, The Science of Belief and co-authored Spontaneous Evolution with Steve Bhaerman.

In a recent video,  Dr. Lipton discussed epigenetic changes that occur within our lifetimes.  “DNA activation is what you do everyday when you open your eyes and look out at the world. Basically you are changing your genes every time you look at the world. There is a very important scientific study on the nature of twins. What they found was that identical twins at the moment they’re born, essentially have the same genetic readout. But if you look at the genetic readout as they progress through life; one year out; five years out and so on, you find that the genetic readout of the twins diverges profoundly. What it reveals is that you change your genetics as you experience your life. You are always activating your DNA. What you really want to do is activate your DNA in a way that supports your health, your vitality, and the pleasure of living on this planet. ”

Dr. Lipton is referring to the conscious activation of your DNA; as simplistic as saying that if you wake up and think, “What a miserable day it is,” your thought creates exactly that reality. When you think, “I’m too old for this,” or look in the mirror and feel displeasure with the signs of age on your face and body, you are helping to perpetuate the physical manifestations of those very thoughts. For over thirty years, I have written about and taught people how  unconscious beliefs about aging are responsible for creating the exact visual manifestations you fear.

The process of changing these physical signs takes commitment and time. They did not appear overnight and will not disappear overnight (unless you undergo surgery). However, you can make visible improvements to anything from cellulite to lines and wrinkles, by first making the decision (and believing it possible) to change them. Here is an easy way to try this out: choose one sign of aging you would like to change, either on your face or body. Decide to change it and visualize the desired change in your mind. Spend no less than 30 minutes a day (break this up into 5 or 6 minute sessions throughout the day) in quiet meditation, seeing yourself with the new improved aspect. Do this visualization every morning before getting out of bed and every night when going to sleep so it becomes the first and last thing your mind focuses on.

Notice what feelings you have when picturing the improved you. If they are negative, turn them around and consciously act that out in your mind.  Replace any negative thoughts or fears with positive ones. Visualize and remember those positive feelings. Simultaneously, discover everything you can about the issue you wish to change. Go on line and search out all of the aspects, causes, treatments, etc. Educate yourself to discover how and why it appeared on your face or body in the first place. Choose one or two remedies that seem reasonable to you, then do them. This helps to focus your conscious and unconscious mind as well as your body in the direction you wish to go. Now you are being proactive on many levels in creating the change. Take a before photo if you can and put it away for 30 days. What have you got to lose?

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